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Anonymous asked: what age do you think is appropriate to kiss a guy?

It just depends on the girl and the person. I would say 14 is the max young age. If you’re younger than that, you’re really just stealing your own childhood from yourself. Remember to enjoy the time you have to be free and be silly and young. Relationship drama never ends so enjoy the time you have now.

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Anonymous asked: What are some non-creepy ways to compliment a girl?

Tell her she has a nice laugh, tell her she is interesting and that you like certain things about her that set her apart from other girls. Creepy compliments usually come in the form of “too strong”. Don’t lay it on too thick and make sure your timing is right. If you compliment her in front of her friends and she is shy, she might get embarrassed. 

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Anonymous asked: Being single for almost five years is really depressing =/ I don't have super high expectations in men, really. I can't think about anything why nobody tries to talk to me. My friends always tell me that I'm a pretty girl with a cool character and one that's easy to go on with. I, too, think that I don't look THAT bad, but yeah. Maybe it' because I'm too confident? Always ending up in the friendzone is fucked up D: the one I like wants me as a friend and the ones I like as a friend love me :(

The friend zone can be a crappy place and is pretty much impossible to get out of once you are there but being friends before you get into a relationship is always a good idea. The key is to always flirt a little and to be open so that the other person gets the message that you are interested in more than just friends. 

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Anonymous asked: So there's a boy at my school and a good friend of mine knows him very well and since a few weeks we keep on looking at each other sometimes at breaks and a few days ago we talked for the first time, he added me on fb and I really want to get to know him but I absolutely don't have any idea if he wants that too and now I kind of don't know, what I could do..I know that this sounds a little bit stupid but it's already important for me...

Seems like he’s giving you all the signs of he wants to get to know you too and there’s not harm in that so I say go for it :) Facebook is a great way to see what someone is into (bands, books, activities etc) and who knows, maybe you’ll have some cool things in common

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Anonymous asked: So I know this isn't about love. My best friend got mad at me because I said something insulting. It wasn't on purpose, I was talking about someone else. But she misunderstood it and now she's being immature about it. I said sorry. Yet she didn't accept it, and told me that she thought we were solid. WE ARE. Well, maybe not now. How do I go through this?

Sometimes friends just like to be mad and be drama. If you said you were sorry and you really weren’t talking about her then she is probably just causing drama just to be interesting. You can either let it slide and hope it passes or maybe she doesn’t want to be friends anymore. If that’s the case, she probably wasn’t a very good friend to start off with. A true friend can’t just write you off like you are nothing.

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Anonymous asked: I really need your help. So theres this guy at the place where I started to work. He`s about 15years older than me and also has a girlfriend. We like to chat with each other and also flirt a little bit. At first it was just a little chit hat from my view ... But since he said something like "You should stop flirting with me, or else I`ll lose myself. You`re actually a real danger" and smiled and he also compliments me and we hug each other real tight I always feel really nervous =/

wow, I have no idea how or when this would ever be a good idea to pursue. I PROMISE if you go forward, everyone will get hurt. He’s obviously taking advantage of you, he has a girlfriend who he doesn’t even care enough about to not flirt with another girl. What if you were that girl? Don’t be the one with no self respect please! Ignore the idea of the “fun forbidden love” and just go find someone who isn’t willing to share you with anyone. <3